Sunday, 1 May 2011


Eila Adams, 22, is the one of the newer additions to the Naked News team. She joined the program after her October 2009 audition, which had our members absolutely smitten. Her megawatt smile and all-natural beauty make watching her segments a pleasure.

Eila was raised in a small town in British Columbia, Canada, but was always a big city girl at heart, thriving on their energy and excitement. Never one to stand in the shadows, she’s thrilled to be living and working under the bright lights!

A confident model and a talented actress, Eila just loves being in front of the camera and once she saw that Naked News was inviting auditions, she knew that she just had to try out. Despite that certainty, she was nervous as first to bare it all on camera. "I’m just glad it’s not too cold in the studio," she says, laughing.

In her off time, Eila Adams indulges by throwing crazy themed parties for her friends, and going to karaoke bars. She loves the great outdoors, and during the summer, goes camping often. She keeps active to stay fit and healthy, and actually does enjoy working out, making her a natural for the Flex Appeal segment.

"I am so excited to find out what Naked News has in store for me!" Eila gushes. We can’t help but be excited, too. 


Sometimes, when you dig, you strike gold. When we do auditions, we-re digging. And Katherine Curtis? She-s gold. Katherine Curtis, age 27, joined Naked News in 2008 due to an overwhelming response to her Audition stint was all the proof we needed to know that we had a Live One.

But gold shines in more ways than one. Yes, Katherine Curtis is beautiful. That's obvious. Just look at her! But she's also got a brain in that pretty head of hers - a big, fat, throbbing geeky brain that couldn't keep from overflowing with creativity and humor and all kinds of other cool stuff. And thus the Naked Nerd was born!

Comic books, video games, science-fiction... if it's nerdy, Katherine Curtis has it covered. But this Naked Nerd isn't content to rest on her laurels. Kat continues to write scripts and produce segments for everything from the Naked League Squad Patrol: Action Division to the Game Spot. Also, she's interviewed such notables as comic book legend Bob Layton and writer/director Kevin Smith, she's a regular on the renowned comics podcast 'The Watchtower', and was a finalist in's "Sexiest Geeks 2009" contest!

Fiercely passionate about her job, Kat is currently focusing on a side project in conjunction with the Naked News - a sub-site dedicated specifically to the Naked Nerd. Keep your eyes peeled - she'll be geeking out at a convention near you! 



Ariella Banks, 24, joined Naked News in March, 2009, after she wowed viewers and the producers with a terrific Guest Anchor audition. In addition to her "bombshell-next-door" beauty, she also demonstrated she was both engaging and fearless two characteristics that make for a great Naked News anchor.

A born-and-bred Canadian, Ariella Banks grew up something of a big-city girl. She was always into fitness and performing, but, never someone to follow just one path, she embraced her wide array of interests and explored them all. From sports to language studies, from dancing to video games, she was perpetually on the go.

This pattern continued as she continued her education, when Ariella's formal studies included Computer Sciences, Languages, and Psychology, with an informal study of Astrology thrown in just to keep things from getting too serious. She was famous among classmates for her great sense of humor. "After all," she says, "you have to laugh at yourself. If you can't, you're taking life way too seriously."

After finishing her studies, she held a variety of jobs while she decided what career path to follow. Her smarts and tech skills landed her an office job as an account manager for an IT firm. But in her off hours, Ariella looked for more creative outlets, taking dance lessons, working out, and adding modeling and acting to her repertoire.

When the opportunity to audition for Naked News came up, Ariella Banks didn't hesitate. She says, "I love this show. It's an amazing opportunity to use and enhance my interests in world events. And seriously, one of my first ambitions when I was a little girl was to be a news anchor. This is fate!"

Ariella Banks has a logically flawless philosophy when it comes to going au naturel. "Nudity is a natural and beautiful state. Why not share it with others?" We know that all of our viewers appreciate her generosity. 


Christine Kerr, age 32, joined the Naked News anchor team in June, 2005, after getting an excellent response to her visit as a guest anchor. Her striking good looks, charisma and quirky sense of humor made her a fan favorite right away.

Born and raised in Ontario, Christine Kerr knew she wanted to be a performer from a very early age. From childhood through high school, she threw herself into as many theatrical productions as she could manage, acting and singing in everything from "Grease" to "Fame". That was enough to prove to herself that her future was in the performing arts, so she continued on to a college diploma in acting, and a university Honors B.A. in Theater and Drama Studies.

An enthusiastic Gemini - versatile, talkative, and quick-witted - Christine Kerr continued to perform, in media ranging from TV commercials to independent films to Fringe Festival plays. The Naked News is not the first place Christine has bared all. She is at ease with nudity and comfortable in her body, firm in her belief that the human form is a thing of beauty to be celebrated in all its variations.

In addition to her anchor work with Naked News, Christine Kerr continues to be a member of a burlesque troupe, a group of time-traveling performers. Their shows are often set in different eras and locales, with themes ranging from Gay Paris to rock & roll, to a 60s beach party.

Christine is thrilled to be working on an innovative and creative program like the Naked News. "It combines so many things I enjoy and respect. It's informative, interesting, entertaining, and lets us express ourselves and our ideas, free from so many superficial trappings." Naked News members are thrilled she sees it that way.


Michelle Pantoliano , age 30, joined Naked News in January 2002. Michelle's solid reporting background, versatility and communication skills, along with her innate beauty, made her a natural to join the program. 

Michelle's hilarious Locker Talk segment can be seen each weekend on Naked News. Some have referred to it as the rantings of a madwoman, but we say no one else will make you laugh like Michelle. Newly engaged, her adventures with fiance "He Who Cannot Be Named" will have you in stitches. Once you see Locker Talk you won't be able to wait for the next installment. 

Michelle was born and raised in New York, though she now calls Toronto home. She is a broadcast journalist, and holds a degree in Broadcast & Communications. She began her career by hosting a radio show in Pomona, New York. Next, she hired on as a page at NBC-TV in New York City, which involved working with CNBC's Ron Insana and Sue Herrera. She was also a reporter for a cable television program airing throughout the New Jersey-New York area for several months. Michelle's accomplishments also include two years on Wall Street as a fully-licensed sales assistant at the Government Bonds Desk at a major securities company. 

Michelle read about in USA Today in April 2001, visited the site and liked what she saw. When she was able to return to work, she used the website's "Auditions" button to apply for a position and it all fell into place. 

A very gifted woman, Michelle sees working in the nude as simply part of the job description. She stays fit through a combination of belly dancing, kickboxing and weightlifting. She's a fan of suspense novels, prefers to rent movies and loves to travel. Her ultimate goal is to be the next Barbara Walters, and she believes that her experience at Naked News is a step in the right direction. Naked News is delighted to have someone with Michelle's talents as part of the team .

To watch MICHELLE  click here

Friday, 29 April 2011


Victoria Sinclair, age 43, was the first webcaster to join in September 1999, remaining until September 2001, then returning in November, 2002 once again as lead anchor. Her keen intellect, combined with her unparalleled grace and elegance, have cemented her spot as the cornerstone of the anchor team.

From southern Ontario, Canada, with dual Canadian/United States citizenship, Victoria Sinclair is a risk-taker and a champion of personal liberty and freedom of expression in all aspects of life. She considers NakedNews the perfect forum to provide news in a voice that is responsive to the changing attitudes of a progressive culture.

Victoria has extensive experience in the business world, and has worked in areas as diverse as copy editing, marketing/merchandising, and events promotion. She has also seen much of Europe and North America, and her travels, as well as her passion for the Internet, have bred an enthusiastic interest in world events and the Global Community. She took a year's sabbatical soon after the events of 9/11, to study, and to reconnect with family and friends. Since her return, she is more committed than ever to the Naked News and its connection to the world's virtual audience.

Victoria Sinclair is a woman of the world, classically trained in ballet, piano and cello, she is motivated and influenced by all those who strive for the top in their field. She enjoys nature in every season but especially summer for skinny-dipping at her cottage. Skiing, yoga, reading, and chasing her badly-trained dog, Luna, all keep her physically and mentally fit.

Victoria Sinclair brings a creative edge to whatever she does, and maintains that the foundation of beauty lies in a fit and healthy body. She views nudity as a celebration of the great respect and appreciation she holds for the human form. That's one of the many reasons Victoria is so proud her groundbreaking work with the Naked News. 
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