Friday, 29 April 2011


Victoria Sinclair, age 43, was the first webcaster to join in September 1999, remaining until September 2001, then returning in November, 2002 once again as lead anchor. Her keen intellect, combined with her unparalleled grace and elegance, have cemented her spot as the cornerstone of the anchor team.

From southern Ontario, Canada, with dual Canadian/United States citizenship, Victoria Sinclair is a risk-taker and a champion of personal liberty and freedom of expression in all aspects of life. She considers NakedNews the perfect forum to provide news in a voice that is responsive to the changing attitudes of a progressive culture.

Victoria has extensive experience in the business world, and has worked in areas as diverse as copy editing, marketing/merchandising, and events promotion. She has also seen much of Europe and North America, and her travels, as well as her passion for the Internet, have bred an enthusiastic interest in world events and the Global Community. She took a year's sabbatical soon after the events of 9/11, to study, and to reconnect with family and friends. Since her return, she is more committed than ever to the Naked News and its connection to the world's virtual audience.

Victoria Sinclair is a woman of the world, classically trained in ballet, piano and cello, she is motivated and influenced by all those who strive for the top in their field. She enjoys nature in every season but especially summer for skinny-dipping at her cottage. Skiing, yoga, reading, and chasing her badly-trained dog, Luna, all keep her physically and mentally fit.

Victoria Sinclair brings a creative edge to whatever she does, and maintains that the foundation of beauty lies in a fit and healthy body. She views nudity as a celebration of the great respect and appreciation she holds for the human form. That's one of the many reasons Victoria is so proud her groundbreaking work with the Naked News. 
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